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Sun Tanning and Sunscreens

Posted on July 19, 2015 at 7:41 PM
July 19, 2015

I noticed that I haven't written a blog since 2014.  Sorry everyone.  I have been busy with my business. 
Now is the time to talk about sun tanning and sunscreens.  It is very important to wear a sunscreen anytime you go outside.  If you are going to a ball game.  If you are playing tennis or golf.  If you are gardening.  If you are playing outside with your children.  If you are going for a walk.  It is important to wear sunscreen.  If you are going for a drive, wear sunscreen.  The UV rays DO penetrate through the glass.  And, the best protection to wear is a sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.  They reflect UV rays.  It is important to reapply the sunscreen if you are out for a long period of time.  Especially if you are swimming or sweating.  And please, please, please, put sunscreen on your children!!!  It doesn't matter if they tan easily.  They still need protection!!!  
Also, read the expiration dates on your sunscreen.  They usually have a 2 year shelf life.  If it's expired, don't use it.  It won't work!  Yes, a little tan looks healthy.  Believe it or not, you will tan with sunscreen on.  But remember this...a tan means that your melanin cells are sacrificing themselves to protect you from the UV rays!!!

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